Nordvegr Guild Charter:

  Nordvegr is a guild primarily playing Guild Wars 2 on the <to be determined> server.  We also have some people playing on "Faeblight" for Rift MMO and SWTOR RP-Pvp server "Ajunta Pall".   Nordvegr was formed during Dark Age of Camelot MMO on the Tintagel cluster from various guilds.  The main purpose of the guild is to create a FUN atmosphere for people to enjoy themselves and the game while respecting others.  We have people of all skill levels and ages and tend to heavily PvP and help each other when we can.  We also try and keep real world events and topics out of public chat.

The two main rules are HAVE FUN and NO DRAMA!!

Applying to join the guild:

All former members are welcome to join Nordvegr, as well as friends of current guildmembers.  If you are NOT known to anyone in the guild and would like to join, please apply HERE and if accepted you may be put on a one week trial period to make sure your a good fit for the guild.

Anyone with an OFFENSIVE or DEROGATORY character name may not have that character invited to the guild, even if other characters are currently members of Nordvegr.




Rules and Regulations:

A. Keep chat free of profanity, 133+ 5p34k, IM abbreviations.
  We try and keep discussions of real world topics to a minimum. Any 133t 5p34k, or "how r u?" or "ne1 have a grp?" type of talk we also try and keep to a minimum whenever possible.  Remember that you represent a guild of many people. Members will not use profanity, vulgar language, racial slurs, or any bigoted or prejudicial comments, nor will they mock, insult, harass, abuse, spam, or in any way verbally assault another player, not even in self defense and especially not in public. This entire game is just one big chat room: it is in our choice of words that show others who and what we are.

 B. Drama and Negativity:
Drama is not a desired trait of the guild. If you have had a bad day at work, on the drive home, in a bad mood, don't like the way things are going in your life, please don't log on. Or if you do mark yourself offline and keep to yourself. Our guild likes to joke and a have good time and don't appreciate someone spoiling our moods with destructive criticism about each other or the game in general. Nor do we find ourselves wanting to be around such people much less give them help.  Negativity spreads to others but so does positivity and enthusiasm.  We're certianly here to help improve your mood, but won't tolerate excess negativity.  Misery may love company, but we will not have misery as our company.

C. Be respectful, civil, and helpful:
There is not enough room to list every thing you should not do: just use common sense and behave in an honorable and mature fashion. Treat all players with respect. You only get out of a guild what you put in; try starting your own group, try asking in guild if anyone needs a group. Try starting an event yourself.

D. Do not ask or beg for money, equipment or power leveling:
Members will not beg for money. Money and loot comes from hard work and hunting. Members will not ask to be power leveled. Enjoy the road to 80; don't be in too much of a rush to get there. Power leveling does sometimes happen, but do not expect it and do not beg anyone in or out of the guild for it.

E. Follow the EULA and ROC
All members are expected to follow The End User Access and License Agreement and The Rules of Conduct.  Members will not use, directly or indirectly, try, test out, or participate in any form with cheats, hacks, cracks whose target is anything associated with GW2.

F. Take conflicts and personal issues off of Guild or public chat.
Disagreements, disputes, arguments, and personal issues will happen whether large or small. Take it off guild or public chat immediately and try to work it out in private. If it involves a guild issue or if you just can't resolve the dispute then ask a friend or guild officer to arbitrate or intervene. If you have a problem with someone politely ask them to stop. If they continue then '/ignore ' and '/appeal [problem]' their actions. Lastly, if you're not having fun log off and do something else! You'll feel a lot better when you come back.

 G. Demotion and Removal:
ny member of Nordvegr, no matter their guild rank, level, time with the guild is subject to the rules of the charter. Violations may result in a warning, demotion, or removal. Although some think this is "only a game," that is all the more reason to not tolerate misbehaving people ruining the enjoyment of others.






There are always exceptions; rules are in some ways meant to be broken. All rules boil down to: "use common sense." Everyone plays this game to have fun and get away from reality for a little while; everyone has the right to play this game their way without being harassed, persecuted, offended or cheated. Think before you act or speak and be aware of the feelings of others. Be courteous, kind, selfless, and patient, and above all, act with honor.