Nordvegr History


The members of Nordvegr are the direct ancestors of Norse people from the land of Midgard. Trapped in Tyria after passing through an rogue Asura gate Millennia ago,  the Norse people survived the best they could in this new frozen land.  The Norse brought their history and lore with them, but unknowingly, they brought the disease of lycanthropy as well.   Over time the Norse evolved and learned to control the Lycanthropy gene, allowing them to change their form at will depending on thier Spirit of the Wild affiliation.   Now known as the Norn, they became fierce warriors and carved their place in the world of Tyria.

Much information and history was lost over the years, but the symbol of Nordvegr and their teachings was handed down through the generations.  "Nordvegr" means "The Northern Way." We strive to live true to our ideals: ferocity in battle, intense realm pride, and respect for all fellow realm-mates.

The 4 sided iron cross is the symbol of Nordvegr, a symbol of strength, endurance, power, and honor. The iron cross is inflexible, unrelenting, and not to be broken: holding ever fast.   Over time other races came to learn and respect these traits and Nordvegr became a guild of many races.   




 Nordvegr Guild Ranks


Yfirmaðr [Ye-fir-ma-ther] Chieftain

     GM rank for those who like to deal with the organization of the Nordvegr army.


Herra [Hair-Ra] ~ Lord  

     General officers for organizing and leading PvP and PvE events.  Those dedicated to making Nordvegr the best it can be.

Rekkr [Wreck-Ker] ~ Champion

     Focus's mainly on organizing and leading PvP events.  Special Privileges in WvW PvP.


Kenna [Ken-na] ~ To Teach

     Focus's mainly on helping new members of the guild feel welcome and settle in.

Banamaðr [Ban-ah-ma-ther] ~ Slayer

     Main rank of the Nordvegr army for DEDICATED members.  Heart and soul of the guild, for what is a sword without the hand that wields it.


Maðr [Ma-ther] ~ Warrior

     Friends of the guild or those who wish to be in multiple guilds - limited permissions.

Huskarl [Hus-Karl] ~ Retainer

     Temporary Time out rank for those who misbehave - no guild permissions.




 The Crossing


   Bjorn woke suddenly, soaked in sweat with the lingering of dark dreams.   Three days earlier one of the werebeasts had wandered near his homestead from Askhiem, the fort to the Southwest, and Bjorn had received a deep laceration from the creature's talons before dispatching the creature with his axe.   The wound was healing, but his dreams had been strange since his injury from the werebeast.  He arose from his bed and glanced out the window, the summer sun was already filtering through the thick canopy of trees in Myrkwood forest. He had overslept again.  His wife and sons had already started their morning chores and he quickly ate before heading out the door.

“FATHER, FATHER!” yelled his oldest son Nyden, running to meet him. “There is something strange in the forest! It appeared from nowhere!”

“Show me,” Bjorn said to his son.

His son led him to a strange object within the forest.  A large circular ring sat on the ground. It was made with a strange metal and was twice the height of a man.  Inside the ring, the air shimmered with a wavering light. Images were visible beyond it, but distorted and unrecognizable.   Bjorn had never seen anything like it in Midgard before, not even in his travels with his guild Nordvegr.  Not sure what to make of this strange object, he dispatched Nyden to the village of Galpen to inform the elders of this object.  Within hours the news had spread and the elders and many families from the outlying homesteads of Galpen had come to investigate.

While conferring with the village elders, Bjorn heard a women scream in terror.  A mother’s young child, being chased by his sibling, ran towards the strange ring.   Before his parents could stop him, the child ran into the shimmering light and disappeared.   Within moments, the young boy appeared again, grinning from ear to ear.

“There is snow on the other side!” said the young boy.

Seeing the boy unharmed, one of the Galpen elders walked through, in minutes he returned looking confused and excited.  “There is another land through the ring!”  he explained.

Seeing no harm to the boy or the elder, the villagers began to filter through this strange ring to see for themselves.  No one wanted to miss this fantastic event, and as the families filtered through, there was soon no one left in the forest.  With a crackling in the air and a flash of light, the ring of strange metal disappeared as quickly has it had appeared.  

After a few days, reports of missing families in Galpen had spread to the Garrison at Gna Faste.  Troll guards were sent to Galpen to investigate.  A dozen homesteads around Galpen were deserted and the elders from Galpen were missing.  The citizens of Galpen reported seeing Bjorn’s son Nyden talking to the elders about a strange object in the forest a few days earlier, and the elders leaving with him.  After an extensive search in the forests around Galpen, no sign of the missing people could be found.  They were never seen again.


[From the book of the Nyden; 50 AE; after the Exodus]